Seth just posted something that has always resonated with me: Herbs

In a nutshell, my perception of this is that a Product or Service is not what makes it physical, but rather, what makes it sing, smell great and taste phenomenal.

If I may, I will draw a comparison between the Apple iPad and the Motorola Xoom.

I had heard friends and colleagues of mine claiming they wanted a Xoom. I don’t know much about the Xoom, and only know it’s a tablet that runs Android. Naturally, I went looking to discover what a Xoom would do for me.

First stop, Google. Found:

What am I told here… boring tech specs. Thankfully, they have provided a nice small call to action… “get excited”. Aha! This is why I came here!!

Loading experience…. (a flash loader)…

.. still waiting….

I am now lost and I see exactly why I don’t want this. I mean, I’ve been on the Xoom site for over a minute now, and have not seen ONCE what I WILL USE this for. Show me why this will make me sing from the treetops. I don’t get excited about processors, and screens. I mean, these don’t distinguish one product from the next… at least not anymore.

Stepping over to the iPad. Within moments, I see how I can use this. Facetime, a nice cover that doubles as a stand, light form factor and best of all, a great set of apps to demonstrate how you can use the iPad. If that’s not enough, there are a set of videos that demonstrate how you can use it, and how you will use it. This is marketing showing me how it sings.

Xoom… you’re missing your herbs. Really, I want to know how I can use the Xoom but your not helping!!

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  1. James Says:

    Interestingly if you had clicked the second link in the Google search result for “motorola xoom” instead of the first you would have come across something that was closer to what you’re looking for:

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