Quite some time ago, I purchased an Airport Express. I have been impressed with the simplicity and powerful airport express ever since. Whether you are traveling, and want WiFi in your room, or you are at home and need to integrate your home theatre with your MP3 music collection, the Airport Express is a wonderful product at a terrific price point.

Before yesterday, you needed to use your computer with iTunes to play music through to the Airport Express. You could, of course, control your iTunes using the Remote application on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. However, you needed to be running your computer, with iTunes.

As of yesterday, when Apple released Airplay, this has now changed. You no longer need to keep your computer running with iTunes. All you need is your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch with Airplay and you can walk in the house, press ‘play’ on your phone, and you have your favorite music playing over the home theatre.

This is the future. Or at least, this was what I had been waiting for ever since i purchased my Airport Express years ago.

Now I can also do the same thing with Videos, TV Shows and Photos, using the new Apple TV. I can now *fully* justify the purchase of my iPad, as it’s one heck of a TV remote, stereo remote, game system, photo system, and much more.

Next on my prediction is, we’re going to be playing our favorite applications from our phones and iPods, on our TV’s. Just wait, the future is not that far away!

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