A while back, I posted about the problems I was having with my DTT2500 Digital Speakers, more specifically, the receiver.

Explicitly, the issue I was having was the master volume knob was dieing, shorting out when used. After much research for repair and replacement, I lucked upon a conversation with the electrical expert at my brothers Fuel Cell Research firm. Great discussion about many things, including backyard decking, woodworking, star wars among other things. I had asked him about my problem with the DTT2500 volume knob shorting out on me. His response, a quick ‘your conduction is just corroding, a simple electrical clean is all you need’.

Well of course, that’s just common sense isn’t it? Why didn’t I think of that?

So, here we are, as I type this, I have an opened DTT2500 stereo receiver, freshly cleaned, and working like new!

What you need to do:

  1. Open the DTT2500 Digital receiver: screws are hidden behind the rubber feet on the bottom. Pop the feet off and open the box
  2. There are two circuit boards inside, you will need to detach the top board from the bottom board to access the master volume knob
  3. Using ‘Conductor Cleaner’, spray the master volume knob electrical conduction piece, careful not to use too much spray as it may damage other parts of the board (I am told). What I did was spray a little, then use the master volume knob, turning all the way clockwise, then counter-clockwise. It’s probably normal to hear the knob make some slight squeak noise as it becomes clean
  4. Wait several minutes for the cleaner to dry/disolve and then re-assemble

You should now have a functional DTT2500 unit, like I do!


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