EA Skate Graphics Creator Gallery

It’s always nice to see a project you’re working on go live.  I’ve had the pleasure of seeing through several high profile projects go up over the years.  Upgrading Nintendo.com (NOA 2.5, back in the days the Wii was the Revolution), rebuilding and relaunching DirecTV.com, rebranding ActiveState.com, merging 3 gold companies into NewGold.com, the list goes on.  It’s fun stuff, it’s like a hobby and I just so happen to get paid for it!

My latest project is the EA Skate Graphics Gallery.  Working on the project was rather rewarding, as I was collaborating with the great guys at AppSpin who know their stuff.  It’s a pleasure to work again with a core group that are focused on getting a good product out the door.  It’s also a good chance to get immersed again in front-end development.  My role at work over the past 12 months has me doing less of the things I’ve really liked to do, and these extra projects really help get one back into those simple and easy things.

I quite enjoy working on projects like this, especially when that cool stuff has the potential to be seen and used by so many.  As we speak, this Skate Graphics Creator has been used to create over 675 graphics in just a couple short days.  The Graphics Creator and Gallery is proving to be a success and a useful tool and feature.  It’s adoption like this that gets the gears really spinning.

Congrats to all involved!

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