There are countless examples of successful websites (Flickr, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc), successful devices (iPod, iPhone) and successful cars (Smart, Prius, Porshe).

What is it about those success stories that makes them stand out from the pack?  Is it superior performance or technology?  Is it timing or cost?  Is it something else?  

I vote on ‘something else’.  Specifically, emotion.

Why is it, so many get such satisfaction from simply opening their latest Apple product.  Why is it, that so many are so proud of their Toyota Prius?  Why is it Youtube beat out Google Video?  And why is it the iPod consistently beats out the Samsung, Creative, Zune and other competing products?

Sure, one may claim timing, or technology (the iPod is usually the weaker product) or marketing or whatever.  I think it’s mostly due to the emotional connection.  At the end of the day, our emotions play a huge part in what we do, and where we spend our money.

Want some proof?  Ever had a friend get all excited and want to show you their new iPod?  How about their new Samsung?

Get customers excited, meet a need, and really connect them with an experience.

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