Time and time again (about every 2 weeks for the 3 workstations I use regularily), I get a prompt to login to delicious.

It seems each time I manage to enter in the wrong password.  As with many of you, I’ve got quite the collection of accounts floating around the web, and this amounts to quite a few passwords to remember.  I’ve got a nice system for pulling those up if I need to, but those are locked down at home.

Now, I’m quite happy remembering one or two passwords, especially if it’s my openid account.

Given Delicious is owned by Yahoo, and Yahoo’s willingness to support OpenID, what’s the hold up?

Ya ya… I know it’s a free service. But still!!

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  1. Brian Kissel Says:

    For anyone looking to deploy OpenID on their websites, there are open source libraries at http://www.openidenabled.com or a free hosted service at http://rpxnow.com

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