That’s right.  But you probably already knew that right?

Now, while I have your attention let me explain.  I have this here cell phone which I use on your network.  I should probably mention that I have been on your network for years now, but that’s not relevant (whoops, I already mentioned it).

Ok, I have this phone; specifically the LG Chocolate.  I like the phone, I’ve liked the phone since first getting it last year.   What I don’t like is that you talk the talk, but still don’t walk the walk.

The future is friendly

I’m sorry, how is it I can upload a ringtone to this phone?  Oh, I can’t*.  I have to download one from the Telus store.  Which they clearly don’t give enough options or flexibility in their choices.  In todays world, we’re able to make our own movies, upload and share them with the world.  We’re able to blog and post and display our creativity.  Don’t even get me started with MySpace!

So, with increasing flexibility and openness, as consumers we’re able to do more with our technology.  We’re able to really personalize and customize what we use, interact with and which social communities we actively participate with.

Meanwhile, we have Telus which takes a wonderful piece of technology (cell phones) and locks it down.  I have bluetooth on this cell phone but can I actually use it to pair with anything besides my headset?  Nope.  I have a phone that I can insert gigabytes of MP3′s into and play these clips with the music player.  However, I can’t use one of those MP3′s as a ringtone*.

So, I’ve resorted to an unsupported technique to get around some lame attempt by Telus to restrict you to their world; a rather unfriendly one too. This should be more easy, and yes, it should be friendly.

Thanks to ebay and letsshopdirect and it’s USB Cable making this world many times more friendly than Telus will ever do.

* Now, for those more saavy readers; you probably know that you can unlock your cell phone.  I avoid this like the plague in case I render my technology into a brick.

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