It’s blog action day, and what better time to blog for a good cause:

  • stop consuming styrofoam, plastic bags, disposable cups, etc
  • get out of your car
  • plant a seed
  • switch to electronic delivery for your paper bills
  • save a chicken

Ok, that last one was a bit of a joke; but I’m sure the chicken isn’t laughing.

Seriously though, each one of us holds significant power. While you may not realize it, you CAN and DO have an impact. Just think about all the packaging you consume and dispose of (in particular styrofoam), or all the paper you get delivered monthly from your utility bills (not to mention the cost and pollution of delivering your bills).

Now, take all that paper and fast forward 10 years and think just how much of a waste that is. Do the same for your egg cartons, your takeout delivery, your disposable plates, cutlery, cups, etc. It’s disgusting to think about.

Now take what you consume and aggregate that to your entire country. Wow!

What do you say, let’s cutback and consume less. Who’s with me?

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