Here is a wacky idea I was thinking of a while back.

Picture this problem…

We’ve got all these data centers consuming all kinds of power, which produces an incredible amount of heat which is then counteracted with air conditioning that consumes an immense amount of electricity and ironically produces more heat.

The big picture here, we’re consuming a heck of a lot of energy. How can we change this?

The Requirements

First, here are some requirements of a data center.

  • electricity, and lots of it
  • internet connectivity, and this better be redundant and incredible bandwidth
  • cooling, cause all that technology produces lots of heat
  • easy access. because you know that hardware has a tendency to fail, and needs to be repaired or replaced

My solution

Get ready for it… it’s wacky.

Picture this, flying data centers!!. Not just hovering above ground, but far in the sky. Crazy I know… but hear me out.

First, how does one float a data center. Well… with hot air balloons! <snicker /> We’ve got all these machines pumping out serious amounts of heat, why not funnel all that into hot air balloons.

Next, how do we get power up to this floating data center. Well, I’m sure we could put all kinds of solar panels up there where the sun will shine. Remember, we’re floating so we could simply follow the sun and get perpetual solar energy.

Internet will be some seriously cool and powerful laser beams (yep, fricken laser beams!) and satellite and microwave towers to boot! By now there are hundreds of communication satellites up there. That’s redundancy isn’t it? And I’m sure we could solve the bandwidth problem.

Cooling will be taken care of by mother nature. Not sure how many of you have been outside at 20,000 feet, but it’s a little chilly. If we need to get cooler, let’s just increase our altitude… or maybe hang around northern Canada or something.

Wait a minute! What about easy access?

I’m glad you asked. We’ll have transporters of course! Just like the ones from Star Trek.

Problem solved!

Man, this is BRILLIANT!

[UPDATE: No, I'm not completely crazy, just adventurous]

2 Responses to “Power, Air Conditioning and Data Centers”

  1. Terry Shugars Says:

    I can remember as a child wanting to own a Dick Tracy two-way wrist radio. By today’s standards, what Dick wore on his wrist would probably be considered to be too bulky and cumbersome. ( Good thing he wore those trenchcoats with the bulky sleeves. ;-)

    So, I say, “Dream on!” You and I may not see this happen in our career lifetimes but, who knows, maybe our children or grandchildren will.

    In the meantime, I would highly recommend getting busy on the patent paperwork.

  2. Joe DeLapp Says:

    Does anyone know of any HVAC company using zeolite to reduce the moisture from the air before cooling in an air conditioning system?