There’s a fundamental change occurring in the world of technology

It says here that Microsoft initially plans to sell the devices to commercial partners, for $5000-$10000 price range. Which is the typical market price-point for new technology like this. Remember DVD burners? They first entered the market at prices far beyond what the typical individual would be willing to pay. However, as with all new technology, the supply and demand will bring this technology to our homes “as early as the end of 2007″.

I’m excited, as Malin and I don’t yet have a coffee table! I suppose we would want to invest in a new camera that supports the wifi interface.

One Response to “More depth into Microsoft Surface”

  1. Jonathan E Says:

    I’m not sure how practical “surface” will be, but I’ve gotta admit that it’s pretty cool, especially how you can transfer photos like that between devices.