I’m not really sure what I mean by my title for this post: “Is Facebook for real?”. But I’m going just go out and say it. Facebook is for real, and it is running with incredible momentum.

I’m baffled. Not so much by the technology, but the stickiness and remarkable momentum.

No question, they must have some very challenging problems in terms of reliability, scalability, security and so forth, but the fundamental idea behind facebook is actually quite simple. Again, I’ll just go out and say it, how come I didn’t think about this!

No, I’m not jealous. Not a single bit. I’m happy to see people succeed. If I am part of that success then I’d be pretty proud of myself – no doubt – but that’s not what’s important here. While I am amazed by the success, I’m quite happy where I am at right now.

Continuing on, Facebook alone is a magnificent force. Throw in the Facebook Development Platform and you have something we’ve probably never seen before in the history of all previous Web 2.0 technologies and applications. I’m running out of words to describe just how amazing this is.

I’m making two predictions here for the future of facebook.

  1. they either grow so incredibly successful that the biggest problems they face will be a direct result of that success. Which may lead to a self-explosion or acquisition.
  2. their success and momentum continues exponentially; they become so big and powerful that they become a significant force in the future web. I’m not quite sure yet, but could this app be the slingshot to stardom and dominance?

Time will tell. In the meantime, see you in facebook.

Just stumbled upon some posts in my reader, both giving some insight and subtle predictions as to the facebook future.

2 Responses to “Is Facebook for real?”

  1. Brad Touesnard Says:

    Facebook has already turned down $1.6 billion from Yahoo! and Zuckerberg is adamant that he won’t sell out. I don’t question his conviction, but I just wonder how long he can fend off the investors.


  2. ChadL Says:

    Well, if they have a profitable business and continue to dominate their market then there doesn’t seem to be any reason to sell or to go after more money.

    I suppose it comes down to who is calling the shots and yes, how long he can fend off his investors.

    IMO, if anything will take them down it will be their growing success.