The day started with three ‘police’ tickets, and ended with two; two that I did not start the day with. If you are counting that is 5 tickets. Yep, I was determined to get the right tickets for Malin and I to take in Sting, Stewart and Andy return in concert as ‘The Police’.

The Police, May 30

In a single word: awesome!!! There was really only one thing that surprised me about the performance tonite. And that is how incredible a drummer Stewart Copeland is.

Whatever I say about Stewart’s abilities won’t do it justice. As I am clearly not one qualified to give such acclaim. Just go see him for yourself, truly awesome!

Sting was in great form, pumping out hit after hit. He did seem to hold back a little (or maybe he just can’t hold those highs anymore) but overall an inspiring performance.

Andy was good. I wasn’t shocked to see he did appear to stumble at times but still filled the air with brilliance.

Overall, a very powerful and entertaining show. I would see it again in a heartbeat. Speaking of which, Vancouver is only the first stop of many on their world tour. So it could be another Police concert is in the cards. We’ll have to figure out where that next vacation is first!

2 Responses to “The Police, in concert”

  1. Klaus Komenda Says:

    Gosh, wish I had been there. Seeing Police back in business is amazing. Where took the gig place? GM Place?

  2. ChadL Says:

    Yep, GM Place. You’ll have to get some tickets for when they get to London.