So, Malin and I just got back from watching the Canucks take game #1 in 4th overtime. I can say with absolute certainty that game is the longest NHL game I have ever seen live. And boy am I glad they didn’t wait for overtime #5 to roll along!

Oddly enough, I only vaguely remember overtime #2 and #3. The only reason I recall #4 so much is because you could see the Canucks turning it up a notch and really start to press and generate some offense.

Despite the Canucks giving up a 2 goal lead late in the third, and being generally outplayed in the early stages of overtime, it was a damn good game to watch. The place was rocking inside and out after the game! What a blast.

While taking the skytrain home, it was hard to maintain the excitement as we were all clearly worn out and dead tired after sitting through 5 and a half hours of hockey filled with entertaining and frightening events.

So we show up at home and as we’re walking in the front door one of our neighbors stops to talk about the game with us. Turns out he owns a strip club. And in not so many words he mentions:

That game crushed my business tonite!

Funny, I’ve never stopped to think about how hockey games impact the strip club small businessman. I suppose they were loving the NHL Lockout days!

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