If you use Flickr and by some strange chance have not seen their desktop integration tools, then you are missing out.

Go get Flickr Uploadr and make uploading fast and painless.

Not your cup of tea? There are still many other ways to upload:

Ahhh… much better than coppermine.

One Response to “Flickr Uploadr”

  1. Jonathan E Says:

    For Mac users: Check out FlickrExport from Connected Flow (http://connectedflow.com/flickrexport/iphoto/), which is a great plugin for iPhoto that makes uploading your photos to Flickr seamless. It also allows you to tag your photos directly in iPhoto and has some great additional features as well. It costs a little bit (around $30 Canadian) but it’s well worth it. Also, for Apperture users, there’s a version for you as well,