Here’s my summary of day 1. In a nutshell, I’m impressed. Molly, Jeremy, Derek, Andy, Aaron and Joe did an amazing job. I wish I could have attended the other sessions as well.

Crimes against Web Standards

It started off with Crimes against Web Standards brought to us by Molly. Taking us back in time a little, it was great to see some examples of sub-optimal … or should I say, poor use of markup.

That’s right, crimes against web standards. We even got into a confessional here, with some humour from Eric Meyer and some other UK dude (help here please) and some great stories from the audience.

Who knew you could only have a max of 9 nested tables in Netscape before it crashes.

In summary, an entertaining and educational start to the day and to the conference.

Web Apps: Ajax Kung Fu Meets Accessibility Feng Shui

Next I had to decide between Jeremy and Derek’s: “Web Apps: Ajax Kung Fu Meets Accessibility Feng Shui” or “Design and Coding at the Cutting Edge” with Cameron Moll and Tantek Celik.

I sure with I could have gone to both; I chose “John Baptist vs Jesus Christ” with Jeremy as John Baptist. Great talks and performances by both. I really enjoyed Jeremy’s pragmatic take and presentation. Makes me wish I had seen some of his other talks as well. Something to look forward to for next time. Ultimately, Jeremy gave a nice overview of what Ajax is to him.

As for Derek’s accessibility discussion; a nice eye-opener for at least part of the audience. Ultimately, and it’s hard to admit it, the Accessibility guys have a relatively hard sell. Mostly in part because there is often no pain or suffering if we don’t do it right.

Unfortunately, it does impact our users but if we don’t listen to our users then it probably doesn’t get our attention, and doesn’t push us to change how we’re doing this.

And that’s the position Derek has, educating us and selling us “why” it’s important. I get a feeling that Accessibility is somewhat in the same stage now as web standards was 5 years ago.

In summary, once again entertaining, energetic and a touch of humour from Jeremy. We even admitted that Hijax is a silly buzzword.

Transcendent Design with CSS and JavaScript

Once again, I was undecided on which session to go to. Unfortunately I had to pass on “Microformats: More than just Promise” by John Allsop, Tantek and Dan Cederholm.

However, I opted for Andy and Aarons talk. Which was a great presentation including some upcoming tools in CSS3, some nice javascript snippits for things like page glossary’s, and even a quick preview of what Aaron has been doing to embed flash through CSS and JS. Neat idea.

In summary, I appreciated and enjoyed the talk, it was more of an eloquent conversation rather than presentation. Great job guys!

Accessibility in the Design Process

Joe Clark, what a performance. Fresh, unique, captivating and inspiring. This is someone I would like to work and chat with. Great “fireside chat” moving us through the process he’s going through with TTC.

Summary for the day

The day finished with some mingling and drink tickets courtesy of Adobe.

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