A few days old now, but Yahoo! has just recently announced they will be providing free hosting of the yui javascript libraries.

Which is great news, if this fits your security policy.

Ultimately, I’m happy to see them doing this, as it makes a lot of sense in terms of caching and keeping your application current and updated.

Funny though, this is a solution I suggested on their blog and mine last year. Coincidence?

2 Responses to “Free YUI Hosting”

  1. Brad Touesnard Says:

    I don’t think the privacy/security issue will be too big of a deal for most web sites since they are already including 3rd party JS for web site analytics (Hitbox, Google Analytics, etc.).

    I think another big issue will be how they roll out new versions of YUI and whether we will be able to test first before they roll out changes.

  2. ChadL Says:

    That’s right.

    However, just recently we noticed Google was rendering some Google Analytics text and links on our page. The next day it was gone.

    This is just one example of how injecting 3rd party code on your page has some significant security issues.

    While Yahoo! and Google can likely be trusted, many others should not (IMO).

    Jeremy makes some good points on this topic with his post:
    JavaScript Badges and Widgets Considered Harmful

    As for versioning, I suspect there will be permalinks that allow you to choose the bleeding edge version vs a fixed version.