As I posted earlier, I’ve been following the Wii console for a while now.

I was in the local BestBuy the day prior to the Wii release, and the salesperson seemed quite confident that they would not sell out on the consoles. Well, it’s old news that they did in fact sell-out on the Wii consoles. So did everyone else (or at least all that Malin and I checked).

I got home from hockey the other day to find Malin had scoped out a few deals on eBay and craigslist. So I dropped a message to one of the local sellers.

A few hours and a trip to the bank machine later, a Wii is ours.

Yes, it’s very cool, very novel and once again, no buyers remorse here. More on the features and game play later.

We’re sure playing the consumer role to the T these last few months.

New Years resolution, fewer and smaller buying sprees. Between a new laptop, cellphone, vacuum, Wii; then throw in a trip to Mexico; it’s been a spending-filled season.

Christmas is not far off, I better stop this.

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