I was doing a mental inventory of my headphones the other day and boy was I surprised.

And as of this evening, we’ve just added to the pile … again.

Including Malin’s headphones into the count:

We could have a pretty good headphone party!

Now I just have to figure out how to downsize my list of headphones, as I clearly don’t need this many.

Which are my favourite?

You’re may be wondering; with all these headphones, which do I use the most, why, and which are my favorite.

Use the most/favourite:
Sennheiser PXC300, I use these on the skytrain on the way to and from work, I use them at work, and I will be using these on the flight to Mexico tomorrow. Ultimate set of headphones as they give great audio and do an awesome job with noise their cancelling technology. All in a compact set of phones, along with a travel case.
Notable mention:
While I have not owned the Plantronics Pulsar 590A pair for long, I am very impressed. I imagine I will be using these more as time goes on. Given my phone has the mp3 player, I’m ‘sparked’ up with unlimited songs from telus and that it’s a wireless headset. Makes talking on the phone so much better!

What about the Philips SHN550?

First, I am biased as I have used the Sennheiser’s a lot. Second we’ve only owned the Philips pair for an hour now. But I suspect we will be returning them. They work, but when comparing to the Sennheiser noise canceling, the Philips pair simply don’t cut it.

I’m sure Malin will appreciate what they do manage to ‘cancel’ on our flight down tomorrow morning, but we’ll probably fork out the extra $$$ to get a decent pair.

Over and out, from the headphone capital.

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