Classic case of when Progressive Enhancement with client-side scripting is ignored.

Right; I can understand that one might require JavaScript to be enabled for your site to function at it’s best, however, when it stops functioning due to a JavaScript error this is no good.

So, who is the culprit? Get ready, Bank of Montreal. That’s right. BMO has built their application such that it is dependant on JavaScript for it to function. What has happened here is there is an error in the JavaScript which renders any JavaScript useless on the website. Excellent!

When you attempt bring up the login page you get nothing. Hitting the “GO” button on the top right effectively does nothing.

I captured the bug using trusty FireBug for FireFox.

BMO Ignores Progressive Enhancement Technique

This is just one of the many reasons why when you develop web applications, you extend it with client-side scripting, not depend on client-side scripting.


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