When I was looking at the Chocolate this weekend, I must admit I managed to get corrected (and even a little surprised) by some information available from a salesperson.

Yep, I was unaware that there was such a thing as a microSD card. Here I was, talking to a salesperson at one of those hallway pods, when the cellphone rep was listing off the accessories in the Hot Chocolate box.

… bluetooth headphones, 2 servings of hot chocolate, 1Gig microSD card …

Wait a minute… as I interupted the salesperson to politely correct them:

don’t you mean the miniSD?

Whoops! Nope, she was right. A microSD it is. And boy is it micro.

LG Chocolate next to the microSD next to a regular SD

Now I just have to make sure I don’t break or lose it. This thing is damn tiny!

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