Having worked on the Nintendo Website back when the Nintendo Wii was announced – as the Nintendo Revolution – I’ve been following and eagerly anticipating the launch of Nintendo’s new system.

What excites me the most when it comes to the Wii is the game play, not the graphics. While there is still plenty of hardware to be excited about, it’s more tangible hardware like remotes and nunchuks than GPU’s, frame-rates and surround sound.

Nintendo Wii

It seems clear enough to me that this was Nintendo’s focus from day one (yes, even back in the 80′s). Innovation, fun, and a redefined concept of multi-player gaming. Even more, the Wii will allow you to download classic titles such that you can play them on your Wii.

The wireless, gyro controller looks like it will effectively bring gaming to those who previously would not ‘game’. I’m talking about your aunt, uncle, mom or dad… even grandma might get in on the action. This in itself sounds really exciting to me. Not that it gets grandma playing mario, but more so that it pulls friends and family together in some likely comedic, active and above all, friendly fun.

Want to see some results for yourself? Take a look at some of the videos on www.wii.com and you will see a few of the rather unenthused quickly get turned around into active, laughing and funny gamers.

Sure, the graphics and pure performance may not come close to matching the power-house XBOX 360 or Playstation 3… who cares. Ultimately, the graphics don’t make the game… the game makes the game. It’s that simple.

In a nutshell, the Wii looks like a tonne fun!


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