LG Chocolate from Telus

Malin and I were strolling through the mall just yesterday when I got hooked into stopping at one of those hallway pods selling cell phones. I have been in the market for a new mobile for a while now, however, I’m not having much luck finding a device I like…. that is, until this weekend. Until the LG Chocolate.

To be clear, I have found too many devices out there simply don’t cut it when it comes to function, usability, style and features. Either the device attempts to do it all and fails miserably in function, or it fails miserably in usability. And most times the design is far from desirable.

To be fair, I appreciate that so many manufacturers out there do indeed make the attempt to bundle all these features. Ultimately, I am looking for a device that bridges the gap between the the iPod and the cell phone, so I can minimize the number of belt clips I need to wear.

In summary, I was looking for a device that:

  • fits comfortably in my pocket
  • I can easily interact with.

If the device can do that, then I am well on my way to being a happy user.

As an added bonus, if the phone manages to:

  • play my music
  • store events
  • surf the web
  • play and record video

then I’ll take notice.

In comes the Chocolate (technically known as the LG 8500)

Hot Chocolate Bundle from Telus

First I must admit, I hadn’t actually seen any ads promoting this phone. The first I had seen it was on display in the mall. Apparently Telus is pushing this phone heavily in time for the Christmas season. Strangely enough, I had managed to dodge all this hot and heavy marketing. Enough of the drama, let’s get into the technology and the amazing deal I got yesterday.

In a nutshell, I purchased an amazing “Hot Chocolate” from Telus. So far, the experience has been awesome! In the Hot Chocolate package came:

LG Chocolate
The phone itself is comparable to the size of a deck of playing cards. Approximate retail value: $330
1Gb microSD
microSD (you mean they really make them that small?) Flash memory. Approximate retail value: $80
USB Stick, Travel Flash Media Reader
Handy, portable flash media reader on a stick. Approximate retail value: $30
Plantronics Pulsar 590A Bluetooth Headphones
Along with a case and charger, a sweet bluetooth headset with a handy interface on the earpiece. Approximate retail value: $150
LG Earbuds with mic
Handy earbuds with mic and connector for the Chocolate: Approximate retail value: $40
Hot Chocolate
Yep, Malin and I each get a cup of hot cocoa with this as well. Approximate retail value?
“Cookie tin” packaging
For those that know Malin, you know she likes baking. I think the first comment she had regarding the packaging was that she could use it to send her dad some fresh christmas cookies. hahaha. Approximate retail value: priceless!

Total value for this package (not including the cookie tin) approximately $630. I walked out having paid $199 for the combo having combined it with a 3yr contract. Personally, I really don’t mind the contract idea as if want to keep my current cell # then I’m (currently) virtually locked into using Telus to the end of time. So why not just sign up for 3 years of $20/month and have Telus subsidize my new toy.

It’s not like my monthly rate plan would change if I used my current – dated – phone or this new Chocolate.


In summary, I’ve got a fancy new piece of technology I’m packing in my pocket these days. After a couple days of usage I’m very impressed and quite happy with my purchase.

Absolutely no buyers remorse here!

One Response to “LG Chocolate, no buyers remorse here!”

  1. Heather Says:

    Hey – not sure if you’ll get comments based on posts from MONTHS ago but I wanted you to know that I *just* bought the LG Chocolate phone to replace my stolen Samsung A950. I loved having my MP3 in my phone so I didn’t have to carry two devices and I was going to go back to my Samsung but thenI found a Telus employee selling a chocolate that he won in a sales contest for about $100 below the retail price and of course, with no tax. I haven’t actually got it yet since I’m in Toronto and the guy is in Victoria but a friend picked it up for me and I’m really excited to try it out. Just wanted you to know that your review was a big part of what swung me to give the chocolate a try. I haven’t been a big fan of LG so I hope it works out. In any case…it’ll be fun to have a new toy.