A little history: I update my cell phone every 3 or so years. Coincidentally, each time my contract expires. I find I keep relatively current with the technologies and also make a buck or two off my dated hardware. Ultimately, I have to pay the monthly rate to keep a plan anyhow, why not lock in and have Telus subsidize a new toy. Factoring in the sale of my old hardware, I find it’s actually a pretty good deal.

Cutting to the chase…

So, as I have just recently posted, I have one of those new LG Chocolate cell phones. I also have a green iPod mini from a few years back. I’ve been very happy with my iPod since the day I purchased; same goes for my LG Chocolate (fair enough, I’ve only had the Chocolate for a little over 48hrs now).

Would I do without an iPod? Probably not. Could I? Yes, now that I have the LG Chocolate.

I have an urge to compare the two devices but it’s not really fair to do so. They clearly don’t overlap enough to give a fair representation or comparison. What I will do is detail on the utility of each device.


Primarily, the iPod is a multimedia device. Some would argue it’s sole purpose is to play music, while others would include video and photos. Myself, I only use my iPod for music but if I had the iPod video I would surely use the extra media support.

The strength of the iPod is largely it’s style and usability. Apple is known best for it’s design and usability and this is largely why the iPod is so popular, despite being at a higher price-point.

So, the iPod plays music, video and photos. And it does it very well. Never mind that it comes boasting gigs and gigs of storage.

LG Chocolate

The Chocolate is primarily a cell phone. However, for this particular cell phone there is great emphasis put on muti-media. Yep, it’s got the standard camera, bluetooth, contact list, events/calendar, web and more that you expect from todays cell phones.

What’s cool is that we can download video, stream real-time TV, Internet Radio and download/purchase MP3′s onto this phone. Not only can we stream multimedia over the network, we can download and save it to flash media via a microSD card.

And if that wasn’t enough, the phone is stylish, compact and even sports a touch-sensitive interface that closely resembles the iPod’s click-wheel concept. Granted, it takes a little getting used to the touch-sensitive interface (it’s not as polished as the iPod), it works rather well.

Apples to Oranges

As I said above, it’s not really fair to compare the two devices and claim that the Chocolate will replace the iPod. We’ve seen Apple and the iPod does a fantastic job with multi-media. So far I have seen the Chocolate do a very good job pulling in the multi-media function into an already very full-featured cell phone device.

While the usability of the Chocolate is not matching the iPod, the utility does – at least for my usage.

Alternative or Replacement?

Clearly one would have to make sacrifices in function, utility and perhaps even ego to outright drop your iPod. However, the benefit with downsizing the bulge in your pocket or clips on your belt seems like a good enough sacrifice to me.

While I won’t simply drop and cease to use my iPod, I do see it’s usage going down significantly, now that I have the Chocolate. I also see the Chocolate (and similar phones) potentially nibbling marketshare from the iPod.

Sure, the MP3-enabled phones are not new, but perhaps now is a good time for Apple to re-enter the mobile devices market?

2 Responses to “LG Chocolate, an iPod alternative or replacement?”

  1. Alex Best Says:

    I bought this phone for my son. He is trying to download music that he has on his PC and is unable to. Everyone is saying that he must buy a $20 piece of sofware in order to this. Is this true?

  2. ChadL Says:

    I suppose it depends.

    For instance, if you do not have a microSD card then I suspect transfering music to your phone might have to go through the Telus network. Which I suspect would cost money.

    However, if you do have a microSD card then you can use the microSD card to copy music from your computer and play with your phone. This is what I do.

    On a slightly different track, I have heard you can ‘unlock’ this phone such that it will allow you to copy music to it using bluetooth. However, I do not know how to do that.