For those that are not in the GVA or have not heard what the weather is like here; we’ve had approximately 20cm of snow fall across the city over the past 48 hours.

What doesn’t sound like much for most Canadians’, this is a problem for a city that is both spoiled with good weather and full of drivers that don’t know how to deal with snow.

So… it’s days like today that:

  • You appreciate when the weatherman is right, but sometimes wish he wasn’t
  • You can’t help but wonder, if they can close schools in times of bad weather, why can’t they close work?
  • You’re glad (and fortunate) you can depend on public transit
  • You wonder, do the herbs on the deck like snow? Ice-rosemary?
  • You’re glad you are prepared (growing up in the north sure helps here)
  • You slow down; ice, snow, sub-zero temperatures… even the skytrain slows down
  • I’m quite happy that Friday means Mexico

Friday can’t come a moment too soon!

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