Ever find Web2.0 is actually beginning to piss you off? It is for me.

You see; for me, Web2.0 is more about the evolved web and what new and cool user experiences are being provided out there. I’m sure each one of you out there reading this (let’s ignore the fact I can probably still count you all on one hand) has experienced a web application enhanced with web2.0. Think Google Maps, Gmail, Basecamp, Flickr, Google Suggest, Wikipedia, Craigslist, … the list goes on.

Now, what’s the common theme across those sites I just listed? Rounded corners? Nope. Ajax? Maybe. User experience? Bang on!

I may as well just quote Jeff Croft here cause he did a stand up job describing what Web2.0 meant to him.

Web 2.0, to me, is a way of thinking about users and your service of them. It’s about providing rich user experiences that are easy and pleasant to use. It’s about caring for your users enough to let them own their data. It’s about letting users interact with one another in new and innovative ways. It’s about device independence, and letting your users access your content in any way they like. It’s about letting your users add value to your site. It’s about letting users contribute in all sorts of ways, to content and even to code.

Later on he states:

The real problem with the term “Web 2.0” is that some people still seem to think it means “AJAX.”

So, what is Web 2.0? It’s a whole bunch of things. Most of all, the user experience and the description used to associate with user-centric usable and collaborative (perhaps) web applications. Coincidentally, Ajax, rounded corners and gradients managed to make their way into being directly associated with web2.0. Why? I suppose because some of the web2.0 leaders happened to use these. An unfortunate coincidence, cause so many out there are poorly informed.

Don’t even get me started on Web3.0

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