It’s nice to see some proactive options presented from Yahoo. Without trying to sound arrogant, most of us already knew this stuff but it’s great to see all the visuals.

Now, what would be really cool is if we could all just link to the library at say: or some equivalent. Wouldn’t that be something? Picture a handful of popular websites just using a common framework such as yui.js linking off Yahoo servers.

Not only would each of those popular websites be kept current with the yui library, but the users would benefit by caching the yui framework.

Sure, this assumes a huge amount of goodwill from Yahoo, as well as some ultimate trust put on the YUI developers not to introduce bugs and changes to the YUI API.

Which brings about a similar idea, is this something one could use Amazon EC2 for? Hosting a few of the most popular JS frameworks for all to leach off? Yes, yes, bandwidth costs would go through the roof if acceptance was high, but perhaps one could get some form of partnership, sponsorship or simply goodwill from a few big players. Just think, it has potential to save quite a lot of bandwidth so it’s conceivable some of the major web infrastructure organizations might have some incentive to back something like this.

A pipedream perhaps?

2 Responses to “Page Weight, a common service for front-end frameworks?”

  1. Jeff Bar Says:

    Hi Chad, it would be very easy to post the popular JS frameworks to Amazon S3. Every object in S3 has a URL of its own and can be set to be publicly readable.

    Regarding cost, I just did some simple calculations. Recent versions of prototype.js and scriptaculous.js weigh in at 57,396 bytes together. 17,422 dowloads would consume 1 GB of bandwidth and cost 20 cents to transfer from S3. Therefore, $1 would pay for 87,110 downloads.

  2. ChadL Says:

    Thanks Jeff, so it’s not far off at all. This would be an interesting use for Amazon S3, would you agree?

    The simple calculations show just how lazy I can be when posting at 3am. :)