I’ve been meaning to throw out a post like this for quite some time.

Not sure what a Golden Hammer is, Wikipedia has a decent description.

Simply put, the top Golden Hammers for the web right now are without a doubt – Ajax and Ruby on Rails.

If only I had a nickel each time I heard someone say they found this new Ajax framework, or they needed to add Ajax to their site to make it better. Or that they should implement the next version of their web app in Rails.

Both Jonathon and Garrett posted on this similar theme the other day so I figured I’d post my 2bits as well.

Before you think about the technology or the buzzword, maybe you should think about utility, value, and function. And no, Ajax does not magically make your site more usable; there are even arguments that actually claim it makes your site less usable so be careful.

In summary, the golden hammer is not always the best option.

Choose wisely.

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