I have been following 43Folders for quite some time now, I specifically find the InboxZero series essential for those asking yourselves how you can manage your email better.

For those who don’t have a problem with your email, either you’re good at managing it or you simply don’t get enough. ;) At my last job there was too much email coming in my inbox to not have a good plan for managing it. At the current job it’s not as much of an ongoing issue, but rather on a project-by-project basis.

Part of the problem I see with email is it’s just too easy to send it. Particularly, sending lots of it to lots of people. I often find I don’t even read half the email coming in that I should – the folks at 43Folders have termed this ADT. In the case of 43Folders and InboxZero, the solution is more in how you manage what is coming in, not in how you can avoid it all together.

My favorite articles and points are:

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