So I took the plunge, I upgraded to WordPress 2.0 on the weekend. While it has some nice flashy features compliments of Ajax, the only impact the upgrade has had on me is slower posting time.

That’s right, the warm and fuzzy WYSIWYG editor they have included in 2.0 is painfully slow and not so user friendly. From a guy who lives and breathes XHTML, CSS and JavaScript on a daily basis, writing posts is much easier if I just have a plain simple <textarea> with some handy shortcuts at the top to insert basic markup.

I took a whole 10-second glance in the plugins tab in the backend and it seems as though I’m out of luck. This editor appears to be here to stay – unless of course if I want to get my hands dirty.

Perhaps there is a nice easy way to remove it, maybe I’ll take a spin through or just google it.

[EDIT] I just stumbled upon it’s poor support for embedding tags for the purpose of rendering the code for example. Perhap’s I’m just slow, but it took me a handful of tries to get rid of the pesky textarea that managed to make it’s way into my post. :( DOH!

2 Responses to “WordPress 2.0 upgrade, at the cost of efficiency”

  1. Brad Touesnard Says:

    Go to “My Account” and at the very bottom uncheck “Use the visual rich editor when writing”. That will get rid of that pesky wissywig!

  2. ChadL Says:

    Ahh refreshing…. thanks Brad!