Apple has done it, released yet another “iPod” branded product. However, compared to previous releases I’m not nearly as impressed.

Sure I haven’t even seen or used the iPod Hi-Fi but my first impression is; why not just get the Bose SoundDock? The SoundDock is cheaper, has superior design (IMO) and I tend to believe Bose systems will have superior sound and performance. Perhaps I’m biased or just ill-informed but that’s my take on this.

I guess there are some compelling reasons to choose the Hi-Fi:

  1. It has a line-in port
  2. It’s ‘portable’ and can be battery powered
  3. It’s an ‘iPod’ product

#3 is hardly a compelling reason to go buy one of these. #1 has no significance to me as I already have a home theater system with superior speakers, even my computer speaker system is superior to the Hi-Fi. I guess the one thing going for it is the portability. Whil I can’t conceivably see myself lugging this thing with me to the beach, I’ve seen others do such things.

Ultimately, the Hi-Fi is “handy” I guess. And for those who don’t already have home theater or a decent stereo system the Hi-Fi could be a good choice. However, IMO, if you don’t need the portability or the line-in (possibly to integrate with the AirPort Express with AirTunes) then I would have to suggest you see beyond the “iPod” label and take a peek at the Bose SoundDock.

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