It’s actually old news for many of us who follow and use this extension daily, but I still feel the need to blog it.

That’s right, the Web Developer extension for Firefox has hit v1.0. Much of the same plus a healthy list of new and incredibly useful features… I’m impressed!

Of the new and existing features I find the most frequented and most useful (in no particular order):

  • Edit CSS
  • View CSS
  • View Style Information
  • Edit HTML
  • View JavaScript
  • Display Ruler
  • Display Line Guides
  • Outline *

If only we could get the “find” toolbar to scope inside the EditCSS/EditHTML side pane, I would consider this extension gold!

Chris did comment indicating there is plans of making the sidebar features dockable or even floatable in future versions, which would likely contain the search features. It looks as though it’s on the rader in his “to do” list.

Steeling words from Seba:

The BEST extension to Firefox – really. And the most important tool for webworkers, too.

If you are a web developer and don’t have this extension yet… you should install or upgrade now!

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