In the past few years we’ve seen some impressive and bold moves by Apple, most notably the launch of the famous iPod. More recently the Mac mini and then the iMac with Front Row and remote control. This isn’t counting the – arguably – biggest Apple news of the year – switching to Intel processors.

I’ve been pondering a mac as my next computer purchase for some time now. Rumour on the street is the Mac mini is due for some upgrades as well. With the apparent codename Kaleidoscope, the Mac mini is ‘set to take over the living room‘ – as Ryan Katz from ThinkSecret has posted.

The new Mac mini project, code-named Kaleidoscope, will feature an Intel processor and include both Front Row 2.0 and TiVo-like DVR functionality.

So the question now is, not “if” but “when” should I get that Mac? I think I’m going to hold off a while to see what Apple has in store for the Mac mini.

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