Ok… corrupt government vs corrupt government… I’ll take the less-scary one without the christmas election, thank you.

Seriously now, what government hasn’t had their own adscam. Let’s just call it “Airbus Affair” or “Alberta Agenda” or… The stark reality is they will happen, let’s just keep it to a minimum shall we, and make the cost for participating in one strict enough fines such that they can give some feeling of retribution for the canadian public. The cost of taking an entire government down? At the cost of passing critical bills and budgets needed for government and the country to function? Please!

In Paul Martins words:

“A minority Parliament means the opposition can force an election whenever it chooses. In this case, I believe ambition has overwhelmed common sense.”

Seriously, taking the Bloc Québécois – who are fundamentally acting in treason, the Conservatives who – from day one – were not in support of our minority government, now most recently the NDP. What is there to gain from an election right now? For the NDP it’s a likely chance that they will pick up some more seats in BC where the races are tight and the NDP is close or leading the polls in many riding’s. For the Bloq we’re talking an even stronger hold on Quebec with potential to remove some high-profile liberal cabinet ministers. Then there is the Conservatives, who I’m not sure have any real direction with their platform aside from scare tactics, poor leadership of our once – official opposition Conservatives poorly lead by Stephen Harper. The guy who said:

“This is not just the end of a tired, directionless, scandal-plagued government, It’s the start of a bright new future for this country.”

And by many is seen as attempting to spur Alberta Separation with co-authoring the “Alberta Agenda“. The letter called on Alberta to reform publicly-funded health care, replace the Canada Pension Plan with a similar provincial plan and replace the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) with a provincial police force.

And the same guy who stated that the Atlantic Provinces have “a culture of defeat that we have to overcome,” calling it “a sad reality the traditional parties have bred in parts of Atlantic Canada.” More taken from Wikipedia:

The Legislature of Nova Scotia unanimously approved a motion condemning the remark, and was joined by New Brunswick Premier Bernard Lord and federal Progressive Conservative leader Joe Clark. Harper did not apologize for the remarks and claimed his statement was misrepresented.

“Tired”? Do tell. “Directionless”? I suppose so as it was hard for the Liberals to convince the other political parties to help govern but instead were forced to play games with the NDP in order to get anything passed. “Scandal-plagued”? I can’t dispute this but realistically, which government did NOT have some form of scandal? I for one have worked in the Canadian government in the past; I also have friends who currently work in government. I assure you, scandals are nothing new, money is thrown around frivolously and inquiries costing hundreds of thousands are performed for something as little as retrieving a $50 expense for a weekend retreat.

Ultimately, we’re going to end up with yet another minority government; likely another liberal government. What will change? The Bloq will probably end up with another seat or two, the NDP will grow their numbers by half a dozen or so, the Conservatives will win out most seats in the Prairies and Liberals in Ontario. The rest is up for grabs. The end result, much of the same with a government that will spend most of it’s time trying to buy votes from it’s opposition in order to get any work done.

All for the price of a hundred million bucks or so that it costs for an election. Oh right, did I mention that there will be scandals too?


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