Well, the results are in and the Lindstrom brothers didn’t manage too bad for a couple of novices. We placed a respectable 13th out of 17 in the double mens category. Our total time was a solid 7hrs 52 minutes but what was surprising was the breakdown for our individual stages.

  1. 1:51:00
  2. 2:26:00
  3. 23:00
  4. 3:12:00

A quick reminder; the third leg was 7.5Km of trail/river-bed running with some basic orienteering. While our overall time seemed quite accurate, something went wrong between the time kept for the 3rd and 4th stage. Essentially, we should have noticed approximately 1hr and 30mins for our 7.5Km third leg but this was not the case.

Do I really care that the numbers are inaccurate for #3 and #4? Not really, but it would be nice to know just how long that gruelling kayak took, and to compare with other teams we know.

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