In the process of moving, there is the dreaded change of address in all those accounts you have accumulated over the years. I’m sure most out there know and feel the pain, but why does it have to be so damn difficult?

You see, most organizations have figured it out and let you self-serve via a secure online site. For instance, both my regular day bank accounts were dirt simple and took a whole couple minutes each. Login, change address, logout, done! That’s it!!

So I get to a couple credit cards of mine, my login to the AMEX online system doesn’t find a self-serve area so I bite the bullet and dial up the customer service line. After 5 minutes of being on hold, I get in touch with a representative and voila, the call lasted a whole 7 minutes and I was done. Not as easy or fast as the 2 minute self-server option but wasn’t too painful either.

Next up, Royal Bank. It’s been 40 minutes on hold so far, and you guessed it… I have yet to speak with someone and of course have not accomplished a damn thing. If only these bankers could at the very least have the cash and intelligence to put in a system that would take a message and call you back, much like the team at Shaw has done. Heaven forbid Royal Bank would dip into the billions in profits and implement some useful and valuable infrastructure.

Oh right, before any of you claim I could simply sign into and use this self-serve system they have. I only have the RBC Visa card, not a regular banking account. The RBC Visa Inquiry system they have doesn’t allow me to change addresses online. Great stuff!

You know, by the time I get through, I will be cancelling this damn account instead of the address change. I haven’t used this card in over 5 months, I wont miss them and I know for damn well they won’t miss my business – or lack of business.

My suggestion to RBC, surely you can take some of those profits and allocate them into customer service. It would make a world of difference!!!

4 Responses to “Royal Bank service sucks”

  1. ChadL Says:

    this is true. surely a time will come when adwords will detect the goodwill of a post and provide ads accordingly.

  2. J. Lynn Says:

    I switched to RBC in May 2006. After 15 years with Bank of America I was a victim of identity fraud – someone used my account to buy $800 worth of AirTran tickets to Vietnam. I had to fight and beg Bank of America to even take it seriously, spending hours on the phone with them and with AirTran (no help buy agent wanted to know what I looked like and if I was married) and never got it handled properly.
    RBC has a bizarre way of giving you an “Available Balance” and “Current Balance” simultaneously though they do not match. You can’t get customer service but you can get a different BS story from everyone you deal with from the teller, to the manager, to customer service.
    I don’t know where to try next but I’ll tell anyone “Run! don’t walk – Run! from both of those banks.”

  3. Steve Says:

    Trying to leave this message of what happened to me when I dealt with tthe Royal bank on as many sites as I can so other people are aware of there crappy service
    Well I can definitley say that Rolay bank sucks a%&. I got a student loan with them and after college had to start paying them back. For the first three months or so I had no problems I paid them on my own went into the branch and paid them and everything was fine. After that thou they started taking payments out of my account themselves. First time they did it once then realized there mistake when I called and pointed out that I had already paid them this mont and they put the moey back without any arguments and any wait. After this it just started to get worse I was being billed two to three times extra a month and then when the money wasn’t there they would charge me $25 NSF, non-sufficent funds, and then a $5 overdraft fee and when I called to point this out to them they would put back the amount of the payment but wouldn’t put bacck the NSF or over-draft fee. So when I called back about that they said they would look into it and that they’d call me back about it (going on 7 years waiting for that callback) and when I finally called them back they told me I had to call somewhere else so I did and after an hour and a half of arguing with them they finally did it and tried to tell me that they were doing it for customer service, jerks. So after about 9 months of this I finally get someone higher up something like a case manager type idea and he says that he can fix this so I tell him that until he fixes this so it doesn’t happen again and fixes my credit rating for what they wrecked of that then I’m not going to pay Royal bank anything. And he agreed. SO three months go by and I finally get a callback from this guy who tells me its now fixed and I tell him that I’ll start paying again for the next months payment and he says no problem. Two weeks after this I get a call from there collections department telling me I owe them for the three months that I didn’t pay. Well as it stands now RBC has passed this loan to there collections company called Nordon and there just as incopmetenet. I got one guy who after talking to him about this for three weeks gets fired for incompetence (told by next agent that he was fired cause he gave to much bad advice to his clients) and now everytime I talked to the new guy I ask him if I should send him cheques to start paying this off and he kept telling me no thats ok that I should hold on to them cause RBC is giving me a settlement and if I can get the money to pay it off then I won’t need to send the cheques. Well RBC is offering me a 9200 settlement on my 13,000 loan but they’ve so screwed my credit rating that anywhere I call to try and get a loan they tell me that they can’t give me one do to the state the loan I have now is in. Oh and yesterday the guy who kept telling me to hold off on the cheques to see if I an get the money has now told me that its to late to send cheques and start paying the loan. It was nice of him to point out when it would be to late all those times that I asked if I should send them. Oh and one last thing that really points out that there a%&clowns everytime I talk to the guy dealing with my loan he asks me at some point if I’ve ever talked to him before