Just thought I would include a brief list of just how some other services compare to those of Royal Bank

Royal Bank
2 calls in total, first one 40+ minutes with no closure, second 11+ minutes and complete. Total time just under 60 minutes.
one call, 7+ minutes and closure
one call, 2minutes and 49 seconds
Call back number service. IOW, they called me when available. Service was good enough that I have no lasting dissatisfaction
one call, 5-7 minutes. These guys are on strike now too! I was most definitely dealing with someone not normally a customer care operator

And the following were all self-serve online:

and took an average of a couple minutes each to change addresses.

As you see, from my experience Royal Bank was by far the worst performer. Strangely enough they are also one of the most powerful and rich organizations in my list. Coincidence?

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