Since the talk began with the Conservatives and Bloc vowing to come together to defeat the Liberals on ‘vote of confidence‘; I have been struggling to understand what it is these yahoos are doing in Ottawa. Surely there is business to administer and a country to manage in this place we call Canada. However, it’s become more clear with each interview that this Federal Conservative Party of ours is motivated purely for their own political gain and not one bit for the interest of Canadians as a whole.

I was pleasantly suprised this afternoon when a co-worker mentioned to me that Belinda Stronach had announced she was crossing the floor. When I got home tonight I read her statement.

“The political crisis affecting Canada is too risky and dangerous for blind partisanship. I watch and listen and feel that the interests of individuals or parties are often placed above the national interests. The country must come first”

And a couple of my favourite quotes on this news, from the Premier of Saskatchewan:

“I believe that Belinda Stronach has done the right thing. I believe she’s done the right thing for Canada.”

And from Jack Layton, the leader of the Federal NDP Party:

NDP Leader Jack Layton said he hopes it will mean a win for the Liberals on Thursday because the House of Commons needs to get back to governing.

This hit square in the middle of what I had been thinking for weeks. While I do not deem it acceptable what went on in the infamous Sponsorship Scandal, I do however believe in letting the Gomery Enquiry finish. Furthermore, it’s quite likely there have been far more scandals in government than people are aware of or wish to accept. It’s my opinion that this is an unfortunate (while still desired) coincidence that more of this disgraceful management hasn’t come to light. I say this because I know from personal experience that money is often poorly managed within our government agencies. If each of these were to result in a ‘Gomery Enquiry’ we would never see a government go to term and worse yet our country would be run to the ground.

Here’s to letting the Gomery Enquiry finish, set an example with those who need to be punished and then be damn sure that a scandal of this magnatude never happends again (yeah right!).

Let’s get back to running our Country shall we?

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