Once again I find myself writing about society, environment, polution and garbage among other things. This morning I read in the local Courier – a free ‘rag’ (read: newspaper) – that Damian Kettlewell – candidate for the BC Green Party – is driving around in an environmentally-friendly vegetable oil-powered Mercedes. Now, it’s not feasible for all of us to go that direction but it’s inspiring – at least to me – that there are folks doing these things to do their part. What’s becoming more affordable is the hybrid alternative and hopefully soon we’ll see mainstream fuel cell automobiles.

Next, it’s something we’re all guilty of and that is contributing to e-waste. Essentially it’s law our gadgets become useless and thus disposable. The effects are hitting hard to those repair shops that fix our gadgets and get them operating as good as new.

Repairs are passe – it’s easier to buy new, but the rejects, full of recyclable parts and toxic chemicals, are piling up as e-waste – From TVs to cellphones, we’re throwing it all away

Perhaps this is a dark reality to constant improvement in technology, but why does this have to be? If one can upgrade a computer or a car then why can’t one upgrade (not the rip and replace method) a TV, cell phone, MP3 player or Computer Monitor? Perhaps it’s a pipe dream and surely some parts might not be tecnically upgradable but maybe there is a clever modular approach to some of these gadgets?

It boils down to the all-mighty-dollar and I guess it’s still cheaper to consume and dispose at will.

Take the one-tonne challenge and do your part!

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