Like the old saying goes “when it rains, it pours”.

Essentially, beginning last week I have been playing hockey 4 times a week. This is likely more than most NHL (or should I say ‘former’ NHL) players are getting these days. Combine this with roller blading to work everyday for the month of May and I gosh darnit I think I’m getting some exercise!

While we’re still playing the preliminary ranking games that factor in which division we belong, it’s definitely looking to be a great time. Regardless on how we do, it’s always great to get back out on the ice to get some exercise and practice.

I’m beginning to wonder where I’ll find the time to keep up with beach volleyball, camping and to pick up wind surfing this summer. :D

One Response to “Hockey, Hockey and more Hockey…”

  1. Julia aka humanbean Says:

    Hey, glad to see you are still doing well and looks like you have a new puppy.