It’s funny (pun intended) that the big guys get to be so funny isn’t it? I for one often find myself laughing at big people making fun. Whether it’s John Candy in The Great Outdoors, Chris Farley in Tommy Boy, Fat Bastard in Austin Powers or even this guy… it seems the big guys are the source of much of our humour.

Is it just coincidence we have funny guy Eddie Murphy playing a bunch of fat people in The Nutty Professor or was there some strange motivation lurking in the writers minds “if I make these guys fat, it has to be funny”. Now, I’m not attempting to discount the ability of writers including big people in their commedies, but this increasingly common phenomenon does make one wonder.

Why is it big people are so funny?

Perhaps it’s mere coincedence that — in general — we find these characters funny, but maybe there is something more behind this. Now I seem to recall a few bigger kids growing up (only a few, we didn’t have a McD’s in the town I grew up) and one of the first memories that usually comes to mind is how these kids were usually the ones being picked on and laughed at. Surely these chubby kids I knew were not the only ones in our society being treated this way. On the contrary, it’s also quite common to find most of the jokes and humour coming from the mouths of these bigger people and not the other way around.

And thus, it’s a rather interesting discussion and would surely spawn some debate. Which is why I’ll leave it at that.

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